Asset-Preservation Orders Act


This committee will prepare an act that provides authority for the granting of in personam orders that prevent a defendant in an action pending in one jurisdiction from dissipating assets that the defendant holds in another jurisdiction and that are necessary to ensure that assets are available to ensure payment of a judgment granted in the other jurisdiction. The committee will, among other matters, consider provisions that should be included in the act to provide appropriate protection for the interests of defendants in such actions. The act shall exclude coverage of asset freezing orders against consumer debtors or in domestic relations matters, and other similar matters.

Committee Members

Michael Brennan Getty Chair
Levi J. Benton Member
Caroline Nicholson Brown Member
Sidney S. Eagles Member
Barry H. Evenchick Member
Peter F. Langrock Member
Steven N. Leitess Member
John T. McGarvey Member
Lane Shetterly Member
Joan Zeldon Member
Mary (Molly) M. Ackerly Division A Chair Member
John L. Carroll Reporter
Kathleen J. Hopkins ABA Advisor
Steven M. Richman ABA Advisor
Liza Karsai Executive Director
Kaitlin D. Wolff Staff Liaison