Family Law Arbitration


This Drafting Committee will draft an act that provides authorization for the use of arbitration as a method of resolving some family law disputes and that will provide any special provisions, in addition to those in existing state arbitration legislation, that are necessary to facilitate the use of arbitration in family law matters.

Committee Members

Barbara Ann Atwood Chair
Lorie Fowlke Member
Michael Brennan Getty Member
Gail Hagerty Member
Elizabeth Kent Member
Debra H. Lehrmann Member
Harry L. Tindall Member
Cam Ward Member
V. David Zvenyach Member
William W. Barrett Division C Chair Member
Linda D. Elrod Reporter
Phyllis G. Bossin ABA Advisor
Helen E. Casale ABA Section Advisor
Dolly Hernandez ABA Section Advisor
Larry R. Rute ABA Section Advisor
Liza Karsai Executive Director
Kaitlin D. Wolff Staff Liaison