Joint Editorial Board for International Law


ULC and the International Law Section of the American Bar Association have entered into an agreement to establish a Joint Editorial Board on International Law comprised of three representatives of each organization. The functions of the JEB include: facilitating the promulgation of uniform state laws consistent with U.S. laws and international obligations dealing with international and transnational legal matters; advising ULC with respect to international and transnational legal matters that have the potential to impact areas of the law in which ULC has been, or might become, active; informing and assisting the U.S. government with respect to the negotiation of international treaties and agreements with appropriate consideration of state law perspective and experience; and promoting the principles of rule of law and harmonization of law.

Committee Members

William M. Hannay Co-Chair
Michael Houghton Co-Chair
Henry Deeb Gabriel Member
William H. Henning Member
Juliet M. Moringiello Division D Chair Member
Steven M. Richman ABA Member
Peter Winship ABA Member
Michael P. Sullivan Emeritus Member
Peter J. M. Lown, QC Director of Research
Rex Blackburn Alternate Member
Richard L. Field Alternate Member
Glenn P. Hendrix Alternate Member
David P. Stewart Alternate Member
Michael P. Sullivan Alternate Member
Louise Ellen Teitz Alternate Member