Joint Editorial Board on Uniform Unincorporated Organization Acts


Members from the Business Law Section of the ABA and the ULC make up this Board. The Board is responsible for monitoring and reviewing the Uniform Partnership Act, the Uniform Limited Partnership Act, the Uniform Limited Liability Company Act, and other such acts of like nature as may be promulgated by the Conference and designated to be under the jurisdiction of the JEB.

Committee Members

David S. Walker Chair
Thomas Earl Geu Member
Lisa R. Jacobs Member
Steven N. Leitess Member
Candace Zierdt Division B Chair Member
Louis T.M. Conti ABA Member
Elizabeth S. Miller ABA Member
Thomas E. Rutledge ABA Member
Scott E. Ludwig Secretary
Paul M. Altman Emeritus Member
Michael A. Bamberger Emeritus Member
Allan G. Donn Emeritus Member
Steven G. Frost Emeritus Member
James J. Wheaton Director of Research
Liza Karsai Executive Director
Brian Lewis Staff Liaison
Kaitlin D. Wolff Staff Liaison