Nonparent Custody and Visitation Act


State legislation and judicial decisions concerning the rights of third-parties who are not parents (such as grandparents, stepparents, domestic partners, and siblings) to rights of custody of or visitation with a child vary greatly. Those rights are also affected by the decision of the United States Supreme Court in Troxel v. Granville, 530 U.S. 57 (2000), which held that courts must give deference to decisions of fit parents concerning the raising of children, including concerning grandparents’ visitation rights. This Drafting Committee will draft an act concerning the rights of third parties other than parents to custody of or visitation with a child. The drafting committee is not authorized to undertake any revisions of the Uniform Parentage Act.

Committee Members

Debra H. Lehrmann Chair
Barbara Ann Atwood Vice Chair
Barbara Ann Atwood Member
David D. Biklen Member
Mark J. Cutrona Member
Jack Davies Member
Mary P. Devine Member
Gail Hagerty Member
Jamie Pedersen Member
Arthur H. Peterson Member
Craig Stowers Member
J. Samuel Tenenbaum Member
Eric Weeks Member
Candace Zierdt Member
William W. Barrett Division C Chair Member
Jeff J. F. Atkinson Reporter
Allen G. Palmer ABA Advisor
Louise Ellen Teitz ABA Section Advisor
Eddie J. Varon Levy ABA Section Advisor
Liza Karsai Executive Director
Lindsay Beaver Staff Liaison