Registration of Foreign Judgments


As a result of discussions involving representatives of the ULC, Caribbean nations, and the Uniform Law Conference of Canada, this Joint Study Committee will study the need for and feasibility of harmonizing the law of Canada, Caribbean nations and the United States concerning the registration in one country of final, conclusive and enforceable money judgments that are entered in another country in matters other than domestic relations matters. The Joint Committee will seek to involve representatives of as many Caribbean governments as are interested, and also relevant multi-national organizations in the Caribbean.

Committee Members

H. Kathleen Patchel Chair
Levi J. Benton Member
Tom Bolt Member
Sidney S. Eagles Member
Lani L. Ewart Member
Henry Deeb Gabriel Member
Thomas S. Hemmendinger Member
Elizabeth Kent Member
Howard J. Swibel Member
Michele L. Timmons Member
Karen Roberts Washington Member
Nora Winkelman Division D Chair Member
Peter J. M. Lown, QC ULCC Member
Wayne G. Anderson Caribbean Member
Desiree Downes Caribbean Member
Colin Jupp Caribbean Member
Christopher Phillip Malcolm Caribbean Member
Peter D. Maynard Caribbean Member
Rubie Nottage Caribbean Member
Christopher R. Nolan ABA Section Advisor
Steven M. Richman ABA Section Advisor
Liza Karsai Executive Director
Carl H. Lisman Chair, Scope & Program Committee
Kaitlin A. Dohse Staff Liaison