Tribal Probate Code


Federal legislation, the American Indian Probate Reform Act (AIPRA), provides very limited legislation concerning probate issues in Indian Country; there are many probate law issues that are addressed in the Uniform Probate Code and existing law in most states as to which AIPRA is either silent or incomplete. This Committee will collaborate with representatives of Tribal governments and others from Indian Country to draft a Model Tribal Probate Code that would supplement and “wrap around” AIPRA so as to be consistent with AIPRA and also better fulfill the purposes of both AIPRA and the Indian Land Consolidation Act.

Committee Members

Timothy Berg Chair
Owen L. Anderson Member
John P. (Jack) Burton Member
Thomas Earl Geu Member
Dale G. Higer Member
Ryan Leonard Member
Edward F. Lowry Member
Fred H. Miller Member
Harry M. Walsh Member
Stephanie J. Willbanks Member
Candace Zierdt Member
Pamela Winston Bertani Division B Chair Member
Candace Zierdt Division B Chair Member
David M. English Co-Reporter
Katheleen Guzman Co-Reporter
Nancy Appleby ABA Advisor
Liza Karsai Executive Director
Benjamin Orzeske Staff Liaison