Veterans Court Act


Veterans’ courts have been created in a number of judicial districts around the United States to ensure that veterans in the criminal justice system receive the treatment and support necessary to rehabilitate them into being productive members of society. Very few states have legislation on veterans’ courts, but many local judicial districts have effectively created veterans’ courts by rule or practice. This drafting committee will develop model state legislation that provides guidelines for the establishment of veterans’ courts while permitting substantial local discretion necessary to accommodate particular circumstances in different communities. Some of the issues that the model act will address include: what subset of veterans are entitled to diversion into a veterans’ court; for what type of offenses is diversion into a veterans’ court appropriate; what rights should victims have to participate in proceedings in veterans’ courts; and how, in general, should veterans’ courts be organized and operated.

Committee Members

Harry L. Tindall Chair
Robert G. Bailey Member
John L. Carroll Member
W. Michael Dunn Member
Roger C. Henderson Member
Elizabeth Kent Member
Gregory G. Pinski Member
Anne Hartnett Reigle Member
Jacob T. Rodenbiker Member
Rodney W. Satterwhite Member
Michael S. Schwoyer Member
Terry L. Thurbon Member
H. Lane Kneedler Division A Chair Member
Stacey-Rae Simcox Reporter
James Pietsch ABA Advisor
Liza Karsai Executive Director
Brian Lewis Staff Liaison