QR Issue 12 > September 2012


Message from the President
Remarks by Michael Houghton, President of the ULC, during the 2012 Annual Meeting

New Committees
New committees appointed during the 2012 Annual Meeting

Approved Acts
Brief Summaries of the new acts that were approved for enactment at the 2012 Annual Meeting

Committee on Federalism and State Law
Draft Principles of Federalism

Report from the ULC History Committee
ULC videos now available

Other News:

News of Interest

ULC and Cooperative Federalism
Article by Eric Fish in the Council of State Government's Book of the States

Life Members and Memorials
New life members, as well as remembering those who passed away in the last year

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Recent News
All the latest news, including:

  • Honors and Announcements
  • Recent Changes in Membership
  • Staff News
  • Legislative Update
  • Upcoming Meeting Schedule