Protected Series Act


The Uniform Protected Series Act provides a comprehensive framework for the formation and operation of a protected series limited liability company. A protected series LLC has both “horizontal” liability shields, as well as the standard “vertical” liability shield. All modern business entities provide the traditional, “vertical” shield – protecting the entity’s owners (and their respective assets) from automatic, vicarious liability for the entity’s debts. A series limited liability company provides “horizontal” shields – protecting each protected series (and its assets) from automatic, vicarious liability for the debts of the company and for the debts of any other protected series of the company. A horizontal shield likewise protects the series limited liability company (and its assets) from creditors of any protected series of the company. The Act integrates into any existing LLC Act, whether it is the Uniform Limited Liability Company Act or not.

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Legislative Tracking

2018 Introductions & Enactments
Connecticut SB 399  Introduced
Nebraska LB 1121 LarsonIntroduced


Drafting History

Origin: Completed by the Uniform Law Commission in 2017
Committee/Resources: Protected Series Act