ULF Consumer Funds Grant

The Uniform Law Foundation (“ULF”) was established in 1990 for charitable and educational purposes by the Uniform Law Commission (“ULC”). Among the Foundation’s purposes is the advancement of high quality legislative drafting in the formulation and promulgation of uniform state laws. Broad participation in the drafting process by diverse segments of our society helps to assure that all points of view are considered as uniform legislation is developed.

Funding Policy Statement

The ULF Board of Trustees considers grant applications from organizations and individuals whose participation as an Observer in ULC drafting projects would not be possible without financial assistance from third parties.

Eligible Applicants

To be eligible to apply for funds from ULF, an applicant must:
1. Be a non-profit organization; or
2. Be an individual or individuals who provide expertise or research involving issues pertinent to a ULC drafting project.

Funding Policies/Guidelines

A priority in consideration of grant applications is the value of gaining input from consumer-oriented groups or individuals, especially where such input would otherwise be absent.

Generally, applicants are encouraged to pay for at least 50% of the costs of airfare (if applicable), hotel, ground transportation, and meals. However, where hardship is demonstrated, applications will be approved even if the proposed contribution by the applicant is less than 50%.

Application Submission Requirements

Generally, an application signed by the properly authorized officials of the grant applicant must be received by the ULF at least 45 days prior to a scheduled ULC Drafting Committee meeting.

The applicant’s proposal MUST: (1) respond to all questions set forth in the “Project Narrative”; and (2) contain all data required by the application. Without the proposal containing this information, the proposal may be rejected. The applicant is encouraged to provide as much detail as appropriate to assist the ULF Board of Trustees in making its grant award decisions.

Documents which require return are:
1. Signed grant application face sheet;
2. Completed project narrative sheets;
3. Proposed project budget sheet;
4. If the applicant is an organization
a. Copies of the applicant’s operating budget (or year-end financial statements) for theprevious two years; and
b. Tax status letter and Federal Tax Identification Number.

Application Submission

Mail or return application to the ULC Chief Administrative Officer:

Elizabeth Cotton-Murphy
Uniform Law Commission
111 N. Wabash Avenue, Suite 1010
Chicago, IL 60602

An electronic copy, formatted as a PDF file, may be emailed to ecotton@uniformlaws.org.

For information or clarification contact: Elizabeth Cotton-Murphy at 312-450-6601, or ecotton@uniformlaws.org.