Annual Report

The ULC’s annual report provides a yearly overview of the ULC’s newest acts, the president’s initiatives, and its enactments, finances, committees, and membership.

Quarterly Report

The ULC’s quarterly report provides a quarterly overview of the ULC’s activities.

ULC Project List

Active drafting and study committees for the Uniform Law Commission.

Guide to Uniform and Model Acts

The ULC’s Guide to Uniform and Model Acts lists and summarizes the acts that are currently recommended for enactment. It is for legislators, legislative drafting bureaus, commissioners, and others interested in state legislation.

Drafting Rules

The ULC’s Drafting Rules outline basic rules for drafting uniform and model acts.


The ULC’s Observers’ and American Bar Association Advisors’ Manuals provide information about the purpose, history, organizational structure, and procedures of the ULC, and explains the roles of observers and ABA advisors in the process of preparing ULC acts.


Forming a More Perfect Union
Forming a More Perfect Union - A History of the Uniform Law Commission

By: Robert A. Stein

Published 2013