See what uniform laws are being enacted this year. Click on the column headers to sort legislation list by State, Bill Date, or Status (or use the filters at right to narrow your results).

Act TitleStateBillBill DateSponsorStatus
Anatomical Gift Act (2006)Pennsylvania SB 180 2015GreenleafIntroduced
Arbitration Act (2000)West Virginia SB 37 2015PalumboIntroduced
Asset-Preservation Orders ActDistrict of Columbia 20-218 2015WellsIntroduced
Certificate of Title for Vessels ActDistrict of Columbia 20-791 2015OrangeEnacted
Certificate of Title for Vessels ActMississippi HB 304 2015MoakIntroduced
Child Abduction PreventionMichigan SB 325 2015JonesEnacted
Collateral Consequences of Conviction ActNew York SB 355 2015DiazIntroduced
Deployed Parents Custody and Visitation ActSouth Carolina SB6/HB3156 2015Hayes / SmithIntroduced
Deployed Parents Custody and Visitation ActDistrict of Columbia 20-216 2015WellsIntroduced
Deployed Parents Custody and Visitation ActNebraska LB 219 2015CrawfordIntroduced
Deployed Parents Custody and Visitation ActMinnesota SB 73 2015NewmanIntroduced
Electronic Legal Material ActDistrict of Columbia 20-221 2015WellsIntroduced
Electronic Recordation of Custodial InterrogationsNew York AB 2773 2015LentolIntroduced
Electronic Recordation of Custodial InterrogationsPuerto Rico PS 75 2015Rivera SchatzIntroduced
Emergency Volunteer Health PractitionersMississippi SB 2486 2015HopsonIntroduced
Entity Transactions Act, Model (2007) (Last Amended 2013)Pennsylvania HB 2234 2015TurzaiEnacted
Faithful Presidential Electors ActMinnesota SB 47 2015EkenIntroduced
Fiduciary Access to Digital AssetsVirginia HB 1477 2015LeftwichIntroduced
Fiduciary Access to Digital AssetsFlorida SB 102 2015HukillIntroduced
Fiduciary Access to Digital AssetsNorth Dakota SB 2106 2015 Introduced