See what uniform laws are being enacted this year. Click on the column headers to sort legislation list by State, Bill Date, or Status (or use the filters at right to narrow your results).

Act TitleStateBillBill DateSponsorStatus
Adult Guardianship and Protective Proceedings Jurisdiction ActU.S. Virgin Islands 31-0184 2017 Enacted
Arbitration Act (2000)Kansas HB 2186 2017 Introduced
Arbitration Act (2000)Pennsylvania HB 781 2017NesbitIntroduced
Arbitration Act (2000)Connecticut HB 7135 2017 Introduced
Arbitration Act (2000)Massachusetts HB 48 2017 Introduced
Article 1 of the Uniform Business Organizations Code (UBOC Hub) (2011) (Last Amended 2013)Indiana SB 443 2017BrayIntroduced
Assignment of Rents ActMassachusetts HB 45 2017 Introduced
Athlete Agents Act (2015)North Dakota HB 1212 2017KleminEnacted
Athlete Agents Act (2015)Oregon SB 5 2017CourtneyIntroduced
Athlete Agents Act (2015)Oklahoma HB1926/SB656 2017Kannady/HoltIntroduced
Athlete Agents Act (2015)Hawaii HB 507 2017NishimotoIntroduced
Athlete Agents Act (2015)Colorado SB 23 2017GardnerIntroduced
Athlete Agents Act (2015)Minnesota HF 2363 2017SwedzinskiIntroduced
Athlete Agents Act (2015)North Carolina HB 230 2017DavisIntroduced
Athlete Agents Act (2015)Utah SB 243 2017HillyardEnacted
Athlete Agents Act (2015)Tennessee SB 565 2017OverbeyIntroduced
Athlete Agents Act (2015)Iowa SF 385 2017 Introduced
Athlete Agents Act (2015)South Carolina SB29/HB3068 2017Goldfinch/SmithIntroduced
Child Custody Jurisdiction and Enforcement ActMassachusetts HB47/SB807 2017 Introduced
Collaborative Law ActMassachusetts HB 50 2017 Introduced